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Oh, yes. Very alt.

I was just recently snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, and I saw lots of interesting stickers on bumpers & lift poles. On top of all the ads and band stickers and "Go Tök" stickers were a couple which stuck in my mind. They said, "Corporate Snowboarding SUCKS." This caused a little trouble for me.
What once was punk has been rapidly mainstreamed and commercialized. You need no conviction and a penchant for mischief to be considered punk. It makes me sad to see Hot Topic mall-punks too young to understand Anarchism, people wearing pre-ripped, pre-stained jeans, and freeware for every kodekid who thinks a virus would make a nice pet. I believe it still is possible to be punk in this sorry state of affairs, but sometimes it seems there is no alternative to the apostasy of corporate materials.
What are we supposed to do? Sure, we can make our own clothes, our own mailbags, our own food, but what about specialty items? What about skateboards and snowboards? What about shoes? Not everyone can walk into a woodshop to borrow the planer & laminator. Who in our ranks has the knowledge needed to make the shaped composite of a snowboard? Can even the biggest klotz be a cobbler? Are there small, independent companies from which we can still buy with clean consciences? Or do we have to grin and bear the guilt of buying from the conglomerates which continually water down & strip the meaning from punk culture? Is is acceptable to buy specialized items from the mainstream, so long as we don't do it too often?
What ought we to do?
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