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Hey there... just making my first post. 24 year-old gay boy, living in a small city in Pennsylvania. After years of using rubbers with guys, I'm going all raw, all the time. My blog will detail those exploits, as well as share photos and videos. Feel free to add me and drop a comment so I can add you back.

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pink lemonade

i tried showing my classmates how to scank and just let go. and tried introducing them to some different music.

it failed.  





 it kinda sucks here in bc. 

the punk scene is supposed to be awesome here and ive been here for 7 months and still haven't seen a single punk .

and raves died .....

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Just saying hello!

New to the community, this is my first post in here, hopefully there will be more to come! Posting from work -.-; So not a lot going on today, I'll find somethings to talk about or post that might contribute to the community later on once I get an idea of what people post here.
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Queer music!

Mods, if this is not allowed please feel free to take it down.

My band, Fruit Punch, will be on tour with Queer Control Records (a record label for queer indie/punk bands) from Portland, OR to San Francisco, CA May 30- June 6. If any of these dates are near you PLEASE come out and see us and support queer music! We've never played the west coast before and probably won't get to again for quite some time.

I'm sorry for how large this flier is, I have no idea to resize it.
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More info available at www.queercontrol.com, click the link for "shows".

Hope to see you there!

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Hmm...quiet community.

There was an explosive argument in the dining hall yesterday because someone called a band "pop punk" and at least one other person considered it "punk." Now, musicology aside, oughtn't we consider any well-known band as "pop?" After all, "pop" means "popular." Or should we restrict the use of "pop" to a the corporate, the preppy, the sellouts, the vapid? And what about bands like the Buzzcocks, who are generally classified as "pop punk" but are not generally treated like recent bands which fall in that classification?

And, I want recommendations: I'm going back to a mohawk. What colour should I dye it?